Cherry Cheeks

Introducing one of our Headliners, Cherry Cheeks!! She has been sharing the stage with audiences through her love of burlesque since 2014. 

From classic to neo-burlesque, no matter the style, her acts thrive on unexpected reveals, cheeky tease, and in your face energy. Her intention reaches to the very tips of her fingers to grab audiences and pull them into each performance. She is “the Cheeks that’ll make you weak” ALL week!

Cherry is of mixed heritage and a proud member of the Tāłtān Nation. It is one of her many goals to create safer spaces, visibility, and *thriving* opportunities for performers of colour to be represented on stages and owning their space in the community. 

Producer of House of Cheek Productions, Youtube sensation at cheeky burlesque, Diversity Coordinator and Co-Producer for the Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival, founding member of the Vancouver Island Vixens, and frequent community builder within Lekwungen Territory (Victoria, BC), there is no slowing down for this Tāłtān Temptation!