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SIBF Headliner for 2021 Egypt Blaque Knyle

Announcing our 2020 Saskatoon International Burlesque Festival Headliner Egypt Blaque Knyle!

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Egypt Blaque Knyle is an Award-Winning Professional Dancer, Model, Actress and Business Woman noted to have the most awards and titles in burlesque history and ranking #16 of 50 most influential burlesque performers in the world. She has travelled the world with many dance companies and celebrity artist. Egypt was employed by Disney for years performing in a host of shows such as The Lion King. She was the principal dancer in the “Chocolate Nutcracker”, playing the Egyptian Queen and the Snake Queen also playing Nefertiti and Hepseptsut in a production called “Queens of the Nile Now” and she also had the pleasure of cheering for the Raiderettes.

Egypt Blaque Knyle has worked in the naughty entertainment field for many years exotic dancing worldwide as a Headliner. Egypt produces the only POC show in Los Angeles called The Bronze Beauties of Burlesque and the Naughty Exotic Show called F&%$ Me Burlesque. She is the Mother of the House of Knyle and the CEO of The House of Knyle Mentorship Program. She is also the creator of #teamfuckitup

In her muggle life, she’s a Social Worker and Advocate for the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the skidrow downtown area assisting and housing the homeless and working in Mental Health.

In the beginning of her journey, Egypt debuted her first Neo-Burlesque routine “The Question of You” in the Monday Night Tease Exotic Titty Prince Review after graduating from the Lili’s School for Wayward Girls in 2012.

Egypt Blaque Knyle was born and continued to dazzle with her acrobatic sexiness and sultry tantalizing dance movement. With a very intensive background in dance Egypt “Wows” her audience as the girl who put all the B’s in Burlesque. She’s Brainticious, Booblicious, Bodacious and Bootylicious.

Headliner Crocodile Lightning!

Announcing our 2nd 2021 Saskatoon International Burlesque festival Feature Crocodile Lightning!

The Enchantress of the East and the Scarlet Siren of Siam, Crocodile Lightning is a high-voltage temptress whose face tells a tale and whose gaze electrifies you. With a blast of humour, a splash of sensuality, and a flash of naughtiness, she is here to captivate you with her dazzling performance. Crocodile Lightning has twirled her signature ribbons and performed across the USA and in New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, and Canada. An OG (Original Goddess) of the House of Knyle, Crocodile Lightning has strengthened her grip on the throbbing passion at the root of burlesque. She is ready to make you explode with maximum pleasure with her performance.

She sure puts the Bang in Bangkok!

Crocodile Lightning is crowned the 2019 Queen Ambassador of the Noire Pageant. She was the headliner at the 7th Fierce! Queer Performing Arts Festival in Columbus, OH in May, 2019 and the featured performer and the winner of the Biggest Tease award at the 7th Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival in June, 2019. She was also the 2019 1st runner up of the Grand Master Funk at the What The Funk All PoC Burlesque Festival.

James and the Giant Pasty – Featured Boylesque Performer

Announcing our 2021 Featured Boylesque Performer Jame and the Giant Pasty!
James & The Giant Pasty is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning burlesque performer/producer/choreographer/teacher based in Toronto, Canada. He has forged a career as an innovative solo performer with smart, funny, and often heartfelt burlesque numbers. He likes to put his best face backwards.

He is the founder and artistic director of Canada’s premiere boylesque troupe, BoylesqueTO, a core member of the international touring company Tainted Cabaret, and a professor at Chez BonBon (a school of burlesque).

At the impressionable age of fifteen in 1999, James witnessed his very first burlesque show when his uncle snuck him into a theatre in Coney Island. He instantly fell in love with the art form, which led to him to start his career as a burlesque performer in 2008. In the eleven years following, James has racked up a long list of accomplishments.

James has headlined multiple burlesque festivals, including the Edmonton Burlesque Festival, the Bagel Burlesque Expo, the Philadephia Burlesque Festival and Ohio Burlesque Festival. His involvement in various projects has led him to perform in prestigious cabarets in dozens of cites across North America. He has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 4 times, including BoylesqueTO’s 2018 award-winning “Most Comedic” number Beaver (which he choreographed). He has garnered many awards for his solo work as well. He was voted “Best Boylesque” by Imperial Burlesque Canada (2019), won the “Most Beautiful Award” at the Great Burlesque Exposition (2011), and the “Biggest Slapstick Award” at the Boylesque Festival Vienna (2015).

On top of his critically acclaimed performance career, he has produced dozens of burlesque shows (including BoylesqueTO’s critically acclaimed runs of Oh Manada! ; Mo Manada! ; and A Briefs History of Time at the Orlando and Edmonton Fringe Festivals). He was featured in the television documentary I’m A Stripper: Boylesque (2014 – LOGO, OutTV) and scandalized the nation on Canada’s Got Talent. James has been featured in numerous publications including the Toronto Star, the Edmonton Journal, Xtra, the Canadian Theatre Review, and more.

For the last 5 years, James has been teaching burlesque classes for beginners and existing performers. He is now one of the main professors at Chez BonBon, a preeminent school of burlesque in Toronto.