SIBF WORKSHOPS with the Stars!

Location: Free Flow Dance centre 224 25th St. W.

Please note registration is required. Fees are payable in advance via etransfer to

Sat Oct 1st

Cherry Cheeks 10:30-11:30am

Stage it up!

Learning the various stage dynamics and how to use them to your advantage between different stages/venues.

James the Giant Pasty 11:30-12:30pm

Storytelling in Burlesque

How to Get Naked and Tell a Story in Five Minutes or Less Without Using Any Words

Sunday Oct 2nd

Constance Craving 11:30-12:30pm

Emcee Master Class

Learn how to steer a show from go to woah! Emcees of all levels and wanna be Emcees are welcome to attend this class.

Egypt Blaque Knyle 1-2pm

Sexual & Sensuous Embodyment 

Our sexual expression has long been targeted as a source of shame, guilt, and control. Reinforced over time as inappropriate and taboo, our sexual and sensual nature has a reputation of being dangerous.

In this class we will connect to our senses and body, through movement we will emanate radiant confidence and presence from the inside out. It is a timeless quality of beauty, sexiness, and power

Please bring water and knee pads. We will do some breathing exercises,  free movement, and a routine.  Please have an open mind.