SIBF WORKSHOPS with the Stars!

Location: Free Flow Dance Centre 224 25th St. W.

Please note registration is required. Fees are payable in advance via etransfer to


Walking & Teasing – How to Diva with The Ballet School Dropouts Saturday Sept 21 10:30-11:30 am

Improv for Burlesque with Le Tabby Lexington Saturday Sept 21 11:30am- 12:30 pm

Traplesque 101 with Zyra Lee Vanity Sunday Sept 22 10:30-11:30 am

Workshop Fees

$30 each for one workshop or $20 each if you register for all 3 workshops

Workshop Description

Walking & Teasing – How to Diva with the Ballet School Dropouts

In this class we will begin our journey into the art of tease. The tease begins that first moment you step on stage and connect with your audience, long before the clothes begin to come off. Dahlia & Trillian are going to give you the tools to bring out your inner burlesque diva and whip your audience into a frenzy. We will cover posture and lines of the body, posing, walking in heels, improvisation and stage presence. Wear comfortable, form fitting clothing and your favourite pair of heels. 

The Ballet School Dropouts are both highly qualified and respected dance teachers. Collectively they hold over 50 years experience spanning multiple disciplines including 11 years of burlesque. They founded Corps de Burlesque ~ School of Seduction in 2017 which is now the largest burlesque school in New Zealand and created the Corps de Burlesque Syllabus in 2019 which is licensed to multiple studios in New Zealand and Switzerland. Dahlia and Trillian always strive to make their classes accessible, inclusive and fun for everyone.

Improv for Burlesque – Le Tabby Lexington

Improv can be scary and LeTabby is here to demystify the make ’em ups and have you flying by the seat of your pants while you remove them! Using fun physical games we will have you honing your improv skills, which will come in handy for those oopsies times, if you want to play with the audience or there’s an opportunity for a special in the moment play. Improv is all about play and being positive, which are great skills for any performer. lessons learned from this workshop will come in handy on stage and off in act development. LeTabby Lexington has trained with Second City and Rapid Fire Theatre and is a cast member of the Canadian Comedy Award Winning Die Nasty, the Improvised Soap Opera as well as a trained clown. Please wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in. This workshop is open to all genders, bodies and abilities. 

Traplesque 101 with Zyra Lee Vanity

Performing to trap music is all about attitude, unapologetically living and having fun! In this class  Zyra will teach you how to own all of that! This class will answer the questions, “what is trap music?” And  “How does one create an exciting Traplesque number?”.   Zyra will explain to you how to create a dynamic traplesque routine through fun movement based exercises. She’ll discus & showcase  the 4 elements of a Traplesque number as well as give y’all a mini lesson on the history of trap music! 

Known as Toronto’s Urban Desire and Canada’s traplesque seductress, Zyra often uses elements of classic costuming and movement against trap music to create dynamic, edgy and fun neo acts. These acts have gained Zyra multiple awards and have even landed her on some of the world’s most prestigious burlesque stages including the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. Zyra Lee Vanity has been teaching burlesque workshops for the last 6 years including at Montreal’s Arabesque Burlesque School, and across Europe, the USA and even in Panama. 

What to Bring: Comfy shoes or heels! An item to tease (sweater, scarf, glove, etc.), bottle of water!