Scarlette Fussion!

Scarlette Fussion! This fiery bombshell got her first taste of the burlesque world with the Rosebuds before moving to Edmonton, where she has flourished under Kiki Quinn. In just over a year from her debut, she has headlined for “Show us your Noobies” produced by Letabby Lexington and set the stage on fire at the Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival, Winnipeg, and Edmonton in the bunny competition. Has won the most innovated at the Edmonton burlesque festival. She has also performed in the states at Eureka California and Savannah Georgia. She has taken classes from some of the industries best at Burlycon, and continue to dedicate herself to this beloved art form.

Scarlette Fussion this fiery bombshell that will ignite your soul and leave you sizzling in your seat