Eve Riot!

My name is Eve Riot, I am a California based burlesque performer on the Central Coast who has a connection to kink, a craving for classical aesthetics, a healthy devotion to the cult of the dark and mysterious & a love of high-camp. 

Eve Riot is a staunch believer of supporting local artists of all kinds – drag, wrestling, dancers, actors, models, singers burlesque, painters, digital and more. I believe in #artistssupportingartists and that we can all support and bring one another up to succeed in an industry if we all value one another work and contributions. Performing and expression is important to the soul and you can find inspiration everywhere! 

I started performing when my parents enrolled me in ballet as a toddler and from there I was hooked. I love being able to create stories from concept to stage and as an adult I have loved being able to take these ideas further and further both metaphorically and literally.  I have been able to perform ballets, musicals, drag, and my greatest love – Burlesque – which has allowed me to fuse facets of myself together into one creation on stages a multitude of times. I have had the good luck to perform with a myriad of local troupes at home with SLO Tease, The Glampede, Glitterotica and SLOQUEERDOS. But over the last few years as I have taken my art more and more seriously I have been able to travel to San Fransisco, LA, Boise, Tucson, and Atlanta to collaborate and perform with other creatives.“